Thank you all so much for your messages about Aatu.  He was a sweet dog, and it means a lot to have support.

On a happier note, I went to London last week to apply for my visa so that I can actually stay in the country legally.  I had forgotten how much I love London.  I love walking by the river, and the view from the bridges, and wandering through the Borough Market and sampling amazing food that I can’t really afford.  (For my fellow Grinnell-in-Londoners, the tea stand is still there, but Tea Guy was sadly absent.)  I didn’t manage to leave without buying anything, though. IMG_1153 3 packages of crumbly fudge with sea salt (it was on sale) and a tub of actual sea salt came back home with me.  While I was there, I also bought honey-lavender and chocolate-chili ice cream, which were, unfortunately, disappointing.  The ice cream tasted slightly freezer burned and had large ice crystals in it, and the chili was barely present at all.  C’est la vie.  The fudge and sea salt have not disappointed.

I’m really enjoying my time in Prague, but London just feels like home.  Maybe it’s because it actually was home for five months, and I’ve only been here for a little less than two, but despite any shortcomings, London is still my city.  I even fell in love with the IMG_1152underground again, although I’m sure if I’d been there for longer than a day, I would have quickly reversed my decision.  I have to go back in a couple of weeks to pick up my short-term visa, so I’ll be able to bring more things from the Borough Market back to Prague.  I might even bring a bag that I can check, so that I can bring home pear-vanilla butter jam and pesto.  I remember them from last time I was in London, and it’s worth the trouble of checking my bag.

Unrelatedly, Tara and I have been re-watching Twin Peaks, and it’s AWESOME the second time around.  Way better than the first.